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We have a responsibility as public servants to spend all the money in our care wisely.  We also must ensure that the county is in a strong fiscal position so that if the federal or state government fails we are prepared to act.  I promise to have audits performed on any and all departments which have not been audited in the last 2 years to ensure that takes place.
We work for you and with that in mind there should be tools in place for every citizen to review their government.  Standards should be in place to act as benchmarks to evaluate performance.  An effort should be made to reduce this to a simple to understand format and have it available 24/7 on the county website.
The key to development is infrastructure.  Although the county has the responsibility for county roads and bridges, the county has traditionally worked with cities, hiring out the county road crew for improvements and maintenance.  I will work to create a plan to address all current issues and provide a schedule so roads do not sit in a state of disrepair.
So much of the job of a county commissioner is not in the job description.  For instance, a commissioner must act as a community leader and coordinate between all of the governmental bodies, community organizations, churches, and citizens.  The commissioner must be able to see the potential of the community and adjust the governmental plans to both assist and stay out of the way of the organizations and citizens working to bring about that vision.