May 16, 2016


Press Release

Last week, the Fort Worth ISD superintendent presented a unilateral change in policy to address a problem that might occur with less than a quarter of 1% of the population.  This was followed up Friday with a letter of “significant guidance” from the US Department of Education and Justice Department.


Nowhere in our law has there ever been a protected class based on subjective feelings, yet this is exactly what the federal government has done.  The precedent that this has created will lead us down a road of no return that will destroy our legal system and make law enforcement next to impossible.  This fluid environment will be unmoored from any predictable norm or observable reality.


How long before the 300 pound white man of 50 becomes the 90 pound black female of 17 that wants to enter the showers with my 10 year old daughter? We are not just talking about restrooms, but public showers, locker rooms, and changing rooms.  Is this safe?  It’s not little girls alone that are in danger, but our young boys as well.


I am livid!  My primary job as a husband and father is to provide for my family and ensure their safety.  Any trust I may have had in our local institutions is now in question.  How can I know if any school can now protect my family if it embraces this policy?  To that end, I call upon every elected official in Tarrant County to publically reject this federal tyranny.  To draw the line and say no more, and unequivocally state that this redefining of Title IX to a subjective issue is unlawful and damages real issues that may exist.



Name: Roy E. Lozano

Mobile: 817-301-2718



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