Hello, I am Roy Lozano.
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I was born in McAllen, Texas in 1972, but my family actually lived in Houston at that time.  My father's family had emigrated from Monterrey, Mexico and settled in the Houston area.  My mother's family is descended from the original Spanish settlers that came to the Rio Grande Valley along the Mexican border back in 1751. 


I remember telling my father when I was a kid that one day I would be the first Mexican/American to be president.  Of course, I'm Tejano.  I remember in the 6th grade Ronald Reagan's Campaign against Mondale.  People voted for continued economic prosperity under a solid conservative President.  It just made sense.

I went to school and got a Texas Real Estate License soon after coming home from basic and AIT Army Reserves training. 

I worked odd jobs, from waiting tables, bartering, construction, sales, and all sorts of manual labor while working full time as a Realtor.

In January 2001, I moved to DFW.  I was 29 and determined to settle down and focus on a career.  Using my real estate knowledge and license, I got my foot into the mortgage industry.  I started in acquisitions and sales of mortgage backed securities. Through hard work and faith in God, I have become a senior accountant in the mortgage banking business.  I managed to find a loving wife, together now for nearly 14 years.  Along the way, I picked up a couple kiddos, a 14 year old daughter and 7 year old son.  My children are my life and the reason I feel compelled to run for office.  


I ask for your vote. Please help put a strong conservative, common sense voice on the commissioner's court.